Return of the Juxtaposition: CSI Las Vegas vs New

Purtek’s essay – – made me think of two CSI episodes, one Las Vegas and one New York, featuring sexualised attacks respectively on Catherine and Stella. But while Purtek’s post highlights scenes that are completely unalike, this one is more the “couple of big differences” effect. The Similar: Both start off as unconscious, having […]

Spenser for Hire: the abortion episode

Courtney E. Martin has posted an article on Alternet asking if we should look past the men who use abortion politics as an attempt to control women, in order to embrace male pro-choice allies who are also traumatized by abortion choices? At least, that’s what I got out of it. The article is difficult to […]

Cagney & Lacey: Women in a man’s world

I’ve just re-watched (twice) the first season of Cagney & Lacey on DVD, and I’m going to be writing a series on it. To introduce it, I wanted to give some context first. And explain why 80’s TV set me up to be so disappointed with what came later. The Fight to make a Female […]

Law & Order: SVU – “Taken”

Since I’ve criticized Law & Order: SVU without citing examples in the past, I promised a while ago to watch an episode and write about it. Today I finally got around to doing that. I know this show can do better than the episode I saw today, so I’m not representing this as absolutely typical. […]

Troubling aspects of Law & Order

At this site, we usually stick to the topic of how women are being (mis)represented in film and TV, because that’s our chosen focus. We often reference in passing how other groups are being slighted, too, but we don’t talk about it in depth. I’m going to make an exception because I’ve had a lot […]

Why does SVU beat the other L&O’s in ratings?

Naturally, Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent are facing the possibility of cancellation while Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has already been renewed. Fans have started a petition to keep Criminal Intent on the air, but Dick Wolf seems more concerned about the old series. I’ll state my bias up front […]