Law & Order: Criminal Intent – To the Bone

I’m scared of Whoopi Goldberg. It’s only temporary. I’ve known she was a fine dramatic actor ever since The Color Purple, but she plays quite possibly the most chilling criminal in the entire Law & Order franchise in an episode called “To the Bone.” The episode also shows women relating to men in ways other […]

Why I hate L&O:SVU

Betacandy wrote a post last week praising an episode of Law & Order: CI, and within the comments I mentioned that I have deep misgivings about the Special Victims branch of the franchise, which focusses on (what else?) sex crimes. It’s not so much that a show entirely about sexual violence (or violence with sexual […]

C.S.I.- Sara Sidle

C.S.I. used to be one of the few shows I never missed, partly because of one of the main female characters. Sara Sidle was once that rarity on prime time television: a geek and proud of it, had no problem standing up for herself in any situation, obviously loved her job and was extremely good […]

Law & Order: CI “Blind Spot”

THIS POST CONTAINS TOTAL SPOILERS FOR L&O:CI EPISODE “BLIND SPOT”. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. A fairly recent episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent found a new use for female characters, and gave Eames a helluva chance to be her own hero. In this episode, a serial killer case had brought Goren back in contact […]

House: One Day, One Room

I wasn’t entirely intending to focus entirely on issues of sexual assault on television, though having volunteered counseling survivors for almost four years, it does tend to be on my mind. Last week’s episode of House (“One Day, One Room”), which I finally watched last night, is making me change my mind. I mentioned in […]

Did the House team listen?

I finally got around to watching last week’s House episode, which thankfully wrapped up the show-wrecking Tritter arc, and I couldn’t help but notice: Cameron was practicing medicine again.   While other people were distracted by personal issues.   And she wasn’t in my face the whole time.   She did give House a big […]

Tit for Tat on CSI

This post contains minor spoilers for season 7 episode Leaving Las Vegas I don’t watch CSI (original) anymore, but happened to catch last Thursday’s episode – Leaving Las Vegas because my favored show wasn’t on. In the episode, Catherine Willows, a CSI second in seniority to the supervisor, investigates a cold case, attempting to link […]