House: I give up

THIS POST CONTAINS A MAJOR SPOILER FOR LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE, INFORMED CONSENT. I give up. I know I said last week I kinda liked Cameron for one episode, but this week it was back to the same old. However, she did cough up another symtom that aided me in my differential diagnosis for why she […]

House: Cane and Able

Something extraordinary happened in this week’s episode of House, titled “Cane and Able”: I kind liked Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). Which was strange because her behavior wasn’t that different from the usual: she got a bee in her bonnet about something and proceeded the crusade about it for the episode. The difference was, for once she […]

House: The Ultimate Woman is a Man

I watched an episode of House called “Skin Deep” last night, and instead of having to look for potential meta-messages, I found the message right in the dialog: “the ultimate woman is a man.” House is treating a 15 year old female supermodel who turns out to be chromosomally male. Don’t ask me about the […]

Criminal Intent: Bishop

When Kathryn Erbe went on real-life maternity leave, so did her character, Detective Alex Eames. For several episodes, Erbe’s part was drastically reduced or non-existent, and the police squad brought in a temporary replacement for Eames. This is a tricky proposition for any show: you don’t want to bring in someone that’ll turn the audience […]

House: Humpty Dumpty

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Edelstein since Sports Night, so I was happy last night to see a re-run of House that featured her character (Cuddy) more than usual. Several random, scatteredn observations: Cuddy, the hospital administrator, involved herself in the diagnosis and care of a patient, and screwed up all over the place […]