No silver lining

There’s a season one episode of House called “Heavy”, about a ten-year-old girl (Jessica) who has a heart attack. She’s overweight, and her mother swears she exercises and eats right, that they’ve been to nutritionists and physical trainers, and nothing works. Chase, the useless shallow pretty boy, assumes they’re lying, and if Jessica would just […]

Detective Eames, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The original Law & Order show had an all-male regular cast. There was a recurring pathologist named Rogers who was female, but other than that, the only women were guest stars. They later introduced female assistant district attorneys for the sole purpose of sleeping with Sam Waterston’s character – and flashing their stunning legs under […]

The Men of Boston Legal: Alan Shore

One of the things I love about Boston Legal is that the lead, Alan Shore (played brilliantly by James Spader) is so aware that much of his success, beyond natural intelligence and ambition, has come from invisible privilege. He’s well aware that, for no better reason then being born a straight white man, he’s been […]

Abusive Women on Law & Order: CI

I recently saw a syndicated episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent called “The Posthumous Collection”. In it, a man was killing women who resembled his family members, and posing their bodies for artistic photographs. When the detectives visited one of the man’s sisters in prison, the sister chuckled as she retold the various ways […]

Another House Gripe

Was watching an episode of House, which I think is fast-becoming our new Stargate as the #1 show to bitch about. In it, Cuddy has put one of House’s doctors in charge for the day, and she’s chosen Foreman.Fair enough that she didn’t consider Chase, something about a suspension, but Cameron’s pretty jacked that she […]

Reversal of Fortunes

I watch Crossing Jordan intermittently and the Jordan/Woody storyline shits me. It makes me think that that usual eager female/emotionally unavailable male stereotype has been turned upside down”¦ and exposed as the load of croc that it is. Basically, Woody Hoyt (Jerry O’Connell) has a crush on Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) from the moment he […]

More on Da Vinci’s Inquest

I wrote a while back about an episode of Da Vinci’s Inquest I watched, and how every single role could have been gender-flipped and the story still would have worked, because there were simply no unecessary gender distinctions being made. Since then, I’ve seen a lot more of this show, and it’s still exceeding my […]