Addendum to House article

I recently wrote an article on an episode of House. I was feeling unusually positive that day, so I forgot to add a couple of cautionary notes: I’ve only seen three episodes of the show, and if Cameron just keeps making mistakes instead of learning, I will have to burn the creators of House in […]

Cameron on House

Edited to add: I had intended to mention that this is only the third episode of the show I’ve seen, so I don’t have the context of the whole series. From this thread, it sounds like maybe Cameron just repeats her mistakes instead of learning. If I find that to be the case, this show […]

He, She, Whatever – DaVinci’s Inquest

I saw my first couple of episodes of DaVinci’s Inquest recently, and something jumped out at me: in those two episodes, you could have switched the gender on any or every character in the show, and the story would have been the same. Gender was irrelevant. I didn’t get the sense the writers were trying […]

Til Death (Or One Mistake) Do We Part

I was watching an episode of House, where a woman was admitted with a life-threatening illness that no-one could work out. They suspect it’s an obscure sexually-transmitted virus, but both the woman and her husband are adamant they didn’t have an affair. Having run out of options, the doctors start her on treatment for this […]

Nowhere Man

I’m watching Nowhere Man, a short-lived cult hit starring Bruce Greenwood, from the mid-90’s. It’s about a guy (Thomas Veil) who suddenly – in the course of one evening – becomes unknown to everyone in his life. His wife doesn’t recognize him (and has another husband in his place). His mother doesn’t seem to know […]