Alan Simpson should be put out to pasture

Obama advisor Alan Simpson likened Social Security to a “milk cow with three hundred ten million tits” recently. In so doing, he managed to piss off Democrats, people who receive or hope to someday receive Social Security, and the National Organization of Women. It’s a disparaging comment, a sexist comment and an extremely privileged comment […]

Sotomayor: not being a white privileged guy could make her biased

I haven’t been paying close attention to political news lately, but what little I’ve heard about Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings made me do a double-take: was Congress actually asking Sotomayor to prove that not being a privileged white guy might make her biased? Seriously. Yes, they were. Don’t anyone ever come on this site and […]

In the (Entertainment) News – 4/18/09

Hello, THL! Today I’m not here to talk about teabagging (*snickers*), tea parties or torture memos. Those are discussion-worthy topics for somewhere else. No, today I’m here to talk about the really important stuff. Like how gossip about female celebrities almost always revolves around hair, makeup, weight, romance or clothing. Nothing else really matters. Now, […]

The Rihanna/Chris Brown Incident

This has been plastered all over the place. I wasn’t going to tackle it all, because abuse of any kind makes me lose my cool. But then two things happened yesterday. The first was that I caught up over at Shapely Prose and found Kate Harding’s very eloquent rant on a particular aspect of this […]

Open Thread: Could there ever be an Octodad?

The news has given more publicity to Octomom than it’ll ever give to someone who achieved something that actually requires effort, and she’s even fielding offers for a TV reality show. I have no intention of trying to defend her actions. According to my personal moral compass, having more children than you can really nurture […]

Sarah Palin: from Little Darlin’ to Scapegoat

First, Fox couldn’t sing Palin’s praises hard enough. Then the election ended – and not well for the party Rupert Murdoch supports – and now Fox can’t tell us enough about the “foibles of Sarah Palin.” (They claim they were prevented from reporting this stuff during the election – by whom, I’d like to know.)  […]