Fat gives women strokes, says news

Today my underweight local female news reporter informed me that the number of women suffering strokes in the past few years has tripled since the numbers in the late 80’s to early 90’s, and doctors are blaming the obesity epidemic. We’re not even supposed to wonder why, of course. We’re supposed to accept the party […]

Revisit: lack of reports of women fighting off assailants

The first month this site existed, I wrote a post asking why there weren’t more news stories about women fighting off their would-be rapists (or other types of assailants). It must happen occasionally; so why do you never see the headline “Woman fights off attacker?” (At the time, I Google’d and Yahoo’d many versions of […]

It’s raining sexism

I didn’t get a weather report from my local news this morning, like I usually do. Reason? The weatherman was too busy trying to make an exchange between the two female news anchors into a girl-on-girl sex fest for his viewing pleasure. They had just covered a story about a woman they called “the hugging […]

I’m Sandra Sultry…

There’s an Australian broadcast reporter, Sandra Sully, who is possibly our most famous “˜news’ presenter (and I use the term “˜news’ quite loosely). She’s blond, slim, with a perfect complexion, and recently channel Ten has taken her from behind the desk to sitting on the edge of it. Oh, and bringing the necklines of her […]

Entertainment TV, V-day, diamonds, usual crap

Someone had the TV at my gym tonight set to E! or Entertainment Tonight or something. Howard Stern has given some woman a 5.2 carat ring. Man, they could not emphasize that number enough. They said it repeatedly, then printed it all over the screen in case you missed that. Valentine’s Day is about romantic […]

Britney’s divorce breaking news on CNN?

I keep hearing from people who say that on Election Day here in the US, CNN actually broke into regular programming to announce Britney Spears is getting divorced. I didn’t see it myself, but I have heard it from several people who are not on drugs, and the websites for all major news sources certainly […]

Long Island Lolita

A couple of years ago, I saw the movie Long Island Lolita: The Amy Fisher Story, starring Drew Barrymore. The treatment meted out to Fisher for largely being the victim of sexual predators all her life enraged me so much that I couldn’t forget it. I’ve done some research to see how well the events […]