Like a Virgin PtII

This month’s Australian edition of Marie Claire has Jessica Simpson on the cover, and features a couple of gems on her decision to remain a virgin for her husband. This one I particularly loved: For me personally, virginity is something I want to save for marriage. I think that’s the best wedding gift anyone could […]

Like a Virgin…

I can believe I’m sympathising with Britney Spears, and I’ll try not to make a habit of it, but here goes: I am appalled by the way the media treated her when she went back on her word to remain a virgin until she married. Here with have someone who, in her early-mid teens, proclaimed […]

In Dreams

WARNING: This article contains references to September 11 2001 and the role of the media in it. Feel free to criticise the merits of this article, but having been warned, please don’t flame me for broaching a sensitive topic. –Scarlett. For uni, I have a series of practical assessments where I have to come up […]

Open Marriage: Watch for Falling Standards & Practices reports on “The New Monogamy” [since deleted], which is the new term for what people called “open marriage” in the ’70’s.   The idea is, you and your spouse decide on certain rules.   You’re allowed to kiss other people, but not sleep with them.   Or you’re allowed to sleep with other people, […]

You can leave your hat…and everything else on

I don’t purchase magazines like Cosmpolitan, Vogue and Vanity Fair. My younger sister used to when she was in high school and I thumbed through them on occasion. I found them to be quite unappealing, with little of actual value contained within the pages. 80% of them seemed to be ads with stick-thin women in […]

Woman Beats Crap out of Would-Be Attacker

You thought it was a real headline, didn’t you? You thought for the first time in U.S. history, there was a story in the news about a woman beating her attacker senseless, instead of the other way around. Sucker! It’s been how many years of print journalism, and how many years of TV news, and […]