20 on the 20th — Starline X. Hodge!

Sorry this is late, my loves! Starline was incredibly professional and easy to interview. I, on the other hand, am a massive flake. Candi is an AWARD WINNING strip by Starline Hodge, one of the hottest young comics artists working right now. Candi is semi-autobiographical, and features a fascinating cast of characters, including a ferret engaged […]

20 on the 20th — Gina Biggs from Red String

Gina is the talented artist/writer behind Red String. She’s also the founder of Strawberry Comics, an all female group of comic writers. Dark Horse publishing recently picked up Red String, and has published them in three volumes. On to the interview! ———————————————————————————– 1. What was it like to fund Strawberry Comics? ANSWER: Expensive. Everything I […]

Gina Biggs — Red String

Gina Biggs’ long-running Red String series (volumes one, two, and three are all available at Amazon) is reaching a climax. The series has been focusing on the trials and tribulations of three high school girls as they come to terms with their sexuality and burgeoning adulthood. While it’s drawn/plotted as a conventional manga, it’s far […]