Drop Dead Gorgeous

The picture shows a woman, seated, back arched and head thrown back as if laughing – although her head above the chin is cut off, as if to say that who she is doesn’t matter; her near leg is raised provocatively. It’s not a seated pose; it’s not a comfortable pose. It is, in fact, […]

Bloggers don’t shop at Target, says Target

ShapingYouth recently posted about a potentially offensive ad from Target. I say “potentially” because it’s another one of those that, if you could divorce it from a world full of ads using sexualized images of women to sell crap, probably wouldn’t seem like a big deal on its own. AdRants does a good job summing […]

In His Shoes

Recently, there’s been some discussion about sexist ads by companies like Guess Jeans and Kraft promoting shitty products and appealing to people with low self-esteem because no-one with a good sense of self would buy a crappy brand-name, especially not one that shamelessly objectifies people (usually women). There’s a men’s shoe company, Windsor Smith, which […]

Guess Jeans – the harem ad format

I should take my digital camera to Beverly Hills and snap some photos of typical Guess? billboards so you can see what I mean, but I can’t be bothered. Please enjoy my verbal description instead: every Guess billboard (with the exception of the Paris Hilton ones) contains several women and one lucky man. The staging […]

Dear LifetimeTV…

Dear LifetimeTV, I thought after all these years, you might want to know why I don’t watch your programming. I have two X chromosomes and everything, yet I resist. You must be curious. Here’s a great example: Beach Girls. That image I’ve been seeing all over town on billboards does not make me want to […]