A Thursday Interruption: Marina and the Diamonds, reflecting on Britney Spears, Little Boots

I just heard Marina and the Diamonds’ “Obsession.” I’m not sure it’s all that transgressive… it’s like OMG a woeful looking white woman is SAD!!! Anyways, she’s getting some critical acclaim anyways, even though it looks like she’s got some Katy Perry I’M THE GIRL THAT’S LIKE A GUY bs going on. From SunlessNick: Shakesspeare’s Sister […]

A Thursday Interruption: Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope,” Matt and Kim’s “Lesson Learned,” and some kick ass reflections on Ke$ha and Beyonce

Janelle Monae’s newest music video is set at an insane asylum where dancing has been forbidden due to its connection to illegal magics. This music video inspired Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat.” Here’s an interview with more info. OMG This blogger rocks. Quotes from the post: Then there’s the way the meaning of the refrain—all the […]

A Thursday Interruption: Bebe, Erykah Badu, and the Burka Band

Bebe, a Spanish singer/songwriter, sings about overcoming domestic violence.  A translation of the lyrics into English is available here. Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” has been making the blog rounds. Zennie talks a little about the cinematagraphy here. Zennie writes: While there may have been a deliberate attempt to upset people by generating the question “Why […]

A Thursday Interruption: Tamara Wellons, Jenny Owen Youngs, and a Single Ladies Devastation

I heard Tamara Wellons perform this cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at a performance of Gesel Mason’s Women, Sex, Desire: Sometimes You Feel Like a Ho, Sometimes You Don’t. Their goal was to take a song detailing Kurt Cobain’s anxieties about fame and use it to examine women’s relationships to their sexuality. Poke […]

Music that’s better than Katy Perry

Originally I was going to do a bunch of album reviews, but I’ve been too busy listening (and rocking out!) to my Christmas gifts to blog about how totally sweet they are. Here’s a bit of what my friends got me. It’s MUCH better than Katy Perry, thought I guess that wouldn’t be hard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn7ziS43YHs […]

One of the Boys — Katy Perry

I bought Katy Perry’s One of the Boys,* and was immediately struck by how misogynistic and homophobic the CD is. I was going to go through problematics of each track one by one, but then my ears started bleeding.* So, I’ll instead bring up one major issue for me and a BUH? discussion launcher. To […]

Pink: Please Don’t Leave Me

I’m a long fan of singer Pink. She frequently writes about female independence and mindless female stupidity, domestic abuse, the toxicity of fame and is unapologetically political. But as for clip to her newest single, – Please Don’t Leave Me, well, I would have expected more class from Avril Levigne, let alone Pink. The album, […]