I was watching the video clip for the Sugarbabes’s song Ugly yesterday. The song is about childhood insecurities – not being pretty/thin/tall/blond enough – and ultimately growing into and being true to yourself. The clip features dozens of people showing off their various talents – fire-twirling, weight-lifting, ballroom-dancing. And not one of them is what […]

Human Song

Rocker/rapper Ani DiFranco wrote a song called Sister Song which is about seeing women less as a/sexual beings and more as human beings. I first heard it as a Sarah McLachlan/Paula Cole cover, but I immediately recognised it as a DiFranco song, because if anyone’s a humanist, then she is. DiFranco has her fair share […]

Pink gets it

A friend of mine tipped me off to the latest Pink video “Stupid Girls”, which you can watch at YouTube. There’s a great review of it on VH1’s site. Basically, Pink is making fun of the whole obsession Hollywood starlets have with… well, themselves. The plastic surgery, the barfing to stay trim, the self-involvement that […]