Petition against Etsy’s “Bad Touched” cards

Er, Etsy is allowing seller “youstupidbitch” to offer cards that “display the picture, but it’s worse than you think, depicting a naked woman huddled in the shower with the tagline, “Congratulations, you got bad touched.”” Read more about it here at the Daily Kos. The vendor claims the card could be ironically give to someone […]

Oh, that’s right: liberals can’t rape

Here we go again. There’s plenty to hoist your eyebrows when a professional whistleblower ends up suddenly wanted very desperately for sexual assault charges that were first brought against him months ago. But don’t let questions about possible government conspiracies derail you from the important thing: Assange is a liberal, and therefore can’t be a […]

Midweek Media: Pregnant Women are Smug

Transcribed: Two white women are in front the camera. The woman on the left has short dark hair and is wearing a yellow T-shirt with a brownish sweater. She’s sitting behind a keyboard. The woman on the right has long blonde hair, is wearing a green shirt with a black sweater and is holding a […]

See, this is why gender essentialism is essentially sexist

Reader Audra submitted this article, Confessions of a Young Anti-Feminist, by Josephine Asher. I’ve long maintained that sexist arguments are rarely rational, and usually represent intellects that are more privileged than trained, but rarely have I seen an article do a better job of inadvertently making the argument for me. Asher’s failure to separate rationalized […]

Gamer culture in a coffee shop

A couple of weeks ago, a woman shared a rather awful story on self.Reddit, entitled “How easy it isĀ  to make a woman feel like sh*t.” In it, she describes being in line at a coffee shop when a conventionally cute young woman asks if she can cut in front of her because her boyfriend […]

Should male feminists mention their gender?

A guy on Reddit Feminisms has raised an interesting question: As a feminist man on reddit, I’m compelled when confronting male, sexist redditors to say I’m a straight man, hoping my words won’t be “written off” as self-interested. Is this legitimate sharing of privilege, or propogation of patriarchy? When you argue a feminist/womanist perspective, some […]