Mommy bloggers: are some using their kids to get rich?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the trend known as “mommy blogging”, it’s, well, mothers blogging about being mothers and whatever else in their lives (or interests) they care to talk about. These blogs vary quite a lot, and I want to be clear on that. Some of the “moms” are slick corporate-backed celebrities being written […]

Why did the mean admin not post my comment?

Here’s a newsflash: if you are overflowing with male privilege and don’t realize it, you’ll have some trouble getting your comments through moderation. Why? Because your rights are not more important than the rights of all our other readers, and I won’t tolerate your offending them with your bullshit just because you have been assured […]

Midweek Media: BRONTĂ‹SAURUS

Phil Lord and Chris Miller posted a faux commercial they had made in 1998, designed for “a series of educational shorts about action figures based on historical figures,” to their YouTube channel on May 4th. People I know have been sending me links to it almost daily since. And, you know? I actually watch it […]

Sexualized little girls

The video’s been pulled from YouTube, but I can describe it: Several female dancers wear black and red lingerie-style bikinis with extremely short skirts and black dance shoes with knee socks (with red lace at the top). They are white-skinned with glossy hair, and their bodies are slim. They dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Many […]