Gender bias derails a conversation on organization

Unclutterer is a popular blog for people looking to de-clutter their homes, schedules, possession and lives in general. It covers topics ranging from housework to making technology work for you on the job. Imagine my surprise when a recent post gave me fodder for an article. In Gender stereotypes and uncluttering, Erin talks about: In […]

Introducing What Privilege?

In 2006, I found I had some things to say about privilege that didn’t quite fit on Hathor, so I started another website for that discussion. At that time, I was still just discovering many of my own privileges, so I didn’t publicize the site or prominently link it to Hathor. What if I said […]

Gender segregating public schools does not work

There’s a move afoot to gender segregate public schools in the United States. Actually, it’s already started. No, you read that right: In 2002, only 11 public schools in the United States had gender-segregated classrooms. As of December 2009, there were more than 550. The movement is based on the hypothesis that hard-wired differences in […]

On the Feministing ableism debate

Feministing has recently come under fire for ableism, classism, transphobia and sizeism, and they are discussing the problem with several bloggers. Open Letter to Feministing is a good place to follow links and get the backstory in more detail, but basically: authors and commenters at Feministing have made a lot of remarks over the years […]


Joss Whedon’s latest project, developed during the writers’ strike, was an internet-based musical starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, aired in three acts over the past week. Spoilers for all three acts follow, if you haven’t seen it.

The “Don’t Rape Her” meme

TRIGGER WARNING: more hypothetical examples of rape to illustrate points. Yesterday, I posted some facetious thoughts on the Don’t Rape Her meme. Today I’m going to explain what I really think. It boils down to this: Do you want a world in which women trust men, or not? That’s the only question here. You can’t […]