Corpse women in advertising

It’s been around since I was a child: images of dead women in advertisements for women’s products. Echidne of the Snakes has an article about the latest round of these ads: The less extreme fashion pictures often borrow similar imagery. The models lie on the floor, staring up with empty eyes and swollen lips. Their […]

Midweek Media: an anti-rape campaign that focuses on men


BitterBuffalo has found an anti-rape campaign that focuses on what men can do to prevent rape. This should be the norm, but instead most campaigns focus on what women can do to avoid rape, which is sick not only because it puts the responsibility on the targets of crime rather than the criminals, but also […]

Jessica Simpson Lives

Small note from SBG: Nick wrote this post ages ago, when the topic was all over the tabloids. Due to technical errors (read: my slow-on-the-uptakedness), I didn’t get this until late last week. It’s still topical and worth discussing! I’ve been reading posts on Jessica Simpson’s alleged entry into the company of fat people. In […]

The Guardian confuses voyeurism and art?

From the mailbag, reader Matt reports that the Guardian published an article about a man who furtively took bad photos of women in bathing suits and drew in their breasts and hips when the photos didn’t turn out so well. The article’s author is so busy sympathizing with the photographer’s inability to get laid that […]

Let’s talk about Love

Lately, Jennifer Love Hewitt has had to deal with paparazzi photos taken of her on the beach in a bikini. Personal potshots about how she should exercise more, how she’s so huge and fat and gross how dare she walk confidently anywhere in bikini…nothing, it seems, is off limits. Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m […]