A Thursday Interruption: Shawn Colvin, Salt N Pepa, Michael Franti, and Salt Fish Girl

Yeah, so I’m not sure why Lilith Fair’s 2010 anniversary has Ke$ha in it. IN FACT I AM KINDA PISSED ABOUT THAT ACTUALLY. I think the video’s a cute parody of chauvinism. A surprisingly catchy tune about getting tested for HIV/AIDS. GRRRRRRRRRRR Why was Larissa Lai’s book Salt Fish Girl made into a play in […]

“No wonder, sir, but certainly a maid.”

(Hello, everyone; I’m Rook, a new writer here, planning to focus on queer issues in film and literature.) I recently had the good fortune to be able to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Tempest, directed by Libby Appel. I also attended a pre-performance talk on the play, about its themes, the set […]