A Thursday Interruption: Lalala MUSIC hip hip!

Y’all, Prince told Kim Kardashian to get off the stage! Annnnnnnnnnnnd a cover. WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME. I think Jontha is new to me… hmmmmmmmmmm. Isn’t it delightful that there are so many talented musicians out there? We live in an amazing time, peeps, where there’s tons of great music readily accessible. BECAUSE […]

Links of Great Interest: Hip hip!

Yo, this might be short, since I’m GETTING MARRIED TODAY. Hip hip. Goblin Fruit celebrates its 20th AWESOME issue. Disney Princess: Deconstructed. Again. And again. And again. From SunlessNick: Uhhh. Public proposal? Awkward. This is why you’re broke. JT sends along No Longer Quivering, which talks about how toxic the Quiverfull movement is. From MC: […]

Links of Great Interest: ACK when did it become late Jan???

Catherine Ryan Hyde may be┬ástealing AND altering the life story Leslie Feinberg, a trans author, in an act of┬áblatant transphobia. Hyde responds to these allegations here. From Patrick: The latest installment of the webcomic “The Rack” has a great character filibuster on fandom and trivialization of the word “rape.” From Sunless Nick: Melissa is reporting […]

Links of Great Interest: REDWALL RULES!

The politics of blame and dark skin. This is a fascinating read. A suggestion for Michael Moore’s next project. Speaking of film…. the line-up for the 1st annual Athena Film Festival is live! The festival is hosted out of the Athena Center at Barnard, and produced by Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood. Israelis kill […]

Links of Great Interest: Happy New Year!

NBC sends a cease and desist letter to a Latina single mother interested in protecting her intelluctual property. KEEP IT CLASSY, NBC. Or should I say… keep it RACIST? Because that’s what the re-writes to Dirty Girls are. And yeah, I capped and bolded that shit, because guess what? It’s fucked up that this is […]