Links of Great Interest: Wooooooooo! 2011 is almost here

Have you ever wondered about the double life of an undocumented student? Online classes are often not accessible to students with disabilities. Kate Harding has a boss analysis of rape culture and Julian Assange. From Scarlett: “Drunk Driver Rapes 10 y/o, Gets Suspended.” Title pretty much sums it up. Did a quick google on the […]

Links of Great Interest: Percy Jackson is now a lot less interesting

Jesus, Regis! Keep your hands to yourself and NOT on Nicki Minaj’s ass. WTF. Elizabeth Edwards died earlier this week of cancer. BET says: women can only be sexy, not sexual. One blogger reflects on weight-loss porn. Tila Tequila has no right to control her own sexuality. Here’s a great analysis of the Percy Jackson […]

Links of Great Interest: ..ARSENIC LIFE..

NASA DISCOVERS NEW FORM OF LIFE! A priest hires a hitman to kill abuse survivor. Young people protest educational cuts — this blogpost describes their bravery, courage, and idealism in the face of a bitter, angry state. More fallout from that rape apologist Jezebel article. >_< Seriously, WTF Jezz? BUT SERIOUSLY WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF […]

Links of Great Interest: :( 51 weeks til NWSA

What happens when a pastor comes out at a megachurch? WTF, fitness magazines? Why’s it always about consuming docile female bodies? Here’s a post from ColorLines on owning your sexual health. Remember the woman who did not consent to being on Girls Gone Wild? Her case will be retried. A woman raped by a police officer […]

“The earth will don an electronic skin”: Digital Diaspora, Indigenous Feminisms, and the Anti-Racist Blogosphere

pictures for sad children flying car bullshit

This is an ongoing project, y’all, so please bear with me as this takes form! If there’s enough interest, I’ll post updates on this as my dissertation research progresses. At this moment, I’m looking at indigenous feminism/activism and its manifestations online, as an extension of an earlier project on pan-Indian identity and virtual community. I’m […]

Links of Great Interest: Oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys! NWSA!

Uhhh. WTF. These links may be especially triggering because they involve mutilation and sexual assault.  I don’t even KNOW. [ETA: I’m moving the ones in question further down so they don’t appear as excerpts on the front page.] More on steampunk with POC. <3 Deborah Flanagan sounds like an AMAZING teacher!! From Unas: Prime example […]