Links of Great Interest: OMG ONE WEEK TO NWSA EEEEEEEEEE Mary Anne Mohanraj analyzes the use of saris on SA book covers. Cook’s Source = Crook’s Source. They plagiarize like whoa. HAHAHA the dynamics of speaking out about sexism online. It’s funny but not. Here’s a very awesome flowchart detailing the many types of female character. (Sarcasm FREE to the first clicker!) Alice Walker wants you […]

Links of Great Interest: Two weeks to NWSA!

YOU GUYS my laptop is dying. This will seriously hamper my blogging. ANYWAYS, someone looks happy! Essence celebrates bridal bliss in honor of DC’s first same sex marriage. Let’s historicize this shit! Older images of women in love from FUCK YEAH GAY VINTAGE are available here. Nisi Shawl rocks it royal on, where she’s […]

Links of Great Interest: WisCon Finally Makes Decision

SkywardProdigal, whose work deeply impacted anti-racist fandom, died last week. More on the WisCon fiasco. Nojojojo has some kick-ass thoughts here. Quote from the post! This is no longer about Elizabeth Moon. She’s just the trigger. Even if she recants and apologizes at this point, or resigns as Guest of Honor, the damage has been […]

Links of Great Interest: Some awesome things happened this week! :D

“Because there are no racists” — a quick discussion on the assumption black people are more racists than whites. Here’s a reflection on black people, idealism, and forgiveness. OMG if the bees go WE ALL GO. Also, track funding sources. A link round-up for Columbus Day! FeministLawProf talks about hatred, hope, and schadenfraude in striving […]

Links of Great Interest: Waka Waka eh eh

Piglet of WisCon is taking links and suggestions re: MoonFail. Also, NJK’s got a reaction up. Here’s another link round-up. From MC: Michigan High school strips transgender teen of homecoming king title because he’s still registered as a girl. Raeka sends the below: Some UK study was done showing a correlation between mothers getting jobs and […]