Links of Great Interest: Redefining Latin@ in 2010!

Please donate to Men Can Stop Rape. The below is from their campaign page: Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR) is an international organization whose mission is to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women. In contrast to traditional efforts that address men as “the problem,” […]

Links of Great Interest: “We are human??”

The REC Boyz Center in Detroit caught fire a few nights ago. Its clientèle are primarily young GBTQ men, and AIDS Prevention Michigan needs your help in order to continue delivering the HIV/AIDS information and testing services this population so desperately needs. Internet miracle time, people. Saudi employer abuses woman. DIY abortions on the rise German pop […]

Links of Great Interest:Tila Tequila!!

Mel Gibson’s tirade as a teachable moment. The Safe Cosmetics Act as is is bad for small businesses. One report on the abuse Tila Tequila suffered at a recent event. Note the veiled misogyny embedded throughout. Here’re some pics of Tila as she recovers from her injuries. Here’s a write-up at the Village Voice. Quote […]

Links of Great Interest: Little bit lighter this week. :D

IT’S PAYDAY, PEOPLE! Woop woop. Here’s some discussion and a fanvid of the role of women and men in SF/F. 5 ways tea can help you defend yourself during the zombie apocalypse. Homeless killings on the rise I need a miracle… Oh, Penny Arcade and your insistence that rape is loltastic. IraqiGirl is ENGAGED!!! Virgins/Whores in […]

Links of Great Interest: Kids /= Bait!

OMG a staph infection from the gym? Cat marinated for dinner while still alive. Activists and a Palestinian woman attacked in Hebron Heh. This jerkface is all about the fat-shaming. Clutch Magazine asks: Who’s Got Our Back? The worst products for men. What NOT to give a person on their wedding day GayProf reflects on […]

Links of Great Interest: Don’t you hear this hammer ring?

Teren sent in this great example of gender indoctrination. Maids in Kuwait struggle against abusive employers. Super-heroes and sibling rivalry <3 Why the term ally can be problematic. Remember — Split This Rock needs your help! Here’s an example of the things they’re involved with. Some thoughts on Helen from Penny and Aggie. OMFG God, […]