Links of Great Interest: “You know what my kids don’t like? Being black in 1964.”

YOU can help the Split this Rock Poetry Festival make its summer fundraising goal! <3 <3 <3 SO SAY WE ALL. <3 <3 <3 How gender violence on the left takes down radical movements. Shirley Sherrod — the family farmer’s friend. Raeka wants to know what people’s thoughts are on… NO SEX PLEASE, we’re middle […]

Links of Great Interest: I got your pun right here.

Another internet miracle! If the Expendables were women… Some thoughts on the Vampire Diaries. What pisses me off about this reviewer is that he seems to be assuming that it’s OKAY that a white author would be focusing her work on white people… Like, what, “smart African American readers” are such a rarity that they […]

Links of Great Interest: Mel Gibson = bigoted cockroach with rape-wish fantasies

Hey internets! There’s a Native woman who is homeless on a reservation. She’s got several small children, and could really use a miracle to get herself into either a FEMA trailer or a rental unit. How NOT to critique an anti-rape ad. Why is everyone so worried about single black women? But not to the […]

Links of Great Interest: <3 DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY <3

Chicago youth in crisis! Fandom with a heart! The Harry Potter Alliance — Dumbledore’s Army for the real world. Is Glee bad television? My response to your body entitles me to your body. IT’S ART! isn’t a good defense for being a pissant. Why Shylaman’s defense of TLA is inadequate. Women’s success = marriage More […]

Links of Great Interest: Don’t Taze My Granny!

Don’t taze my granny! Let’s get some love on for Joanna Russ.  Here’s the text of “When It Changed.” Feministe on language, bodies, and shaming. I know! Let’s experiment on pregnant ladies!!! Are looks on of the last acceptable forms of bigotry? The Privileged Fan’s Primer on Not Fucking Up SAVE THE SCHOMBURG This is […]

Links of Great Interest: Speak truth to power in anyway possible

DC youth speak truth to power. <3 In further news of DC awesomeness, Brittnie Smith, an 11th grader at a local high school, writes about harassment. Let’s not forget the Hyatt 100. TONY ISN’T A GIRL. Email from Dark Puck: I just discovered that CBS is going to be cutting one cast member of “Criminal Minds” entirely […]