Some MORE Gifts for Your Anti-Racist, Anti-Sexist Bestie!

1. The Fires of Bride features romance, lesbians, and Christ’s twin sister. April Sinclair’s got a coming of age story featuring 1970s Chicago, a black bi woman, and politics in Ain’t Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice. 2. Help a friend break their cycle of drama with How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The […]

Ada Lovelace Day 2011 — A Round Up of Women in the Sciences Changing the World!

First up, we got an awesome bit of her-story: women programmers and mathematicians helped decide WWII.  One of the links talks about how they were never formally acknowledged for their work, and what that means for histories of science. Rewinding a bit, here’s a link that talks about 10 surprising things invented by women, and includes a very brief […]

International Literacy Day 2011

literacy saves lives

Happy International Literacy Day, everyone! You’ll recall from last year that International Literacy Day celebrates the achievements of new readers, as well as educators, and activists. It’s also a celebration of the many types of literacy, and a public acknowledgement of their interconnectedness. Today, you should thank a teacher,  consider the implications of an educational […]

Reviews in Brief: Sin and Shadows, Varanger, Makers

Books like Sins & Shadows are a case in point for why I can’t quit urban fantasy. You got your standard PI with a past (the delightfully stubborn Sylvie Lightner), a whole lotta mystery, and some delicious characterization. Lightner’s got to find the god of Justice’s lost lover. Lightner’s a delightfully snarky, angry dynamo — the […]

A Thursday Interruption: I am totally still recovering, peeps!

YOU GUYS I’m still all giddy from getting married like 3 weeks ago. I know that’s old news in internet time, but seriously? I’m still celebrating. IN MY HEART. Oh, Katy Perry. Why are your songs so much better when they’re covered? Let’s end on a beautiful downer of poem. “Take me home afterwards, […]

Don’t Question Those In Authority

I attended my sister’s graduation from South Carolina School of Leadership a few months ago, and took away some real zingers of examples of what the religious world I grew up in is still like.  The pastor of the church that hosts SCSL, Stephen Chitty, took the opportunity of speaking as the “pastoral address” at […]