The King’s Speech

I’m a fan of both Helena Bonham-Carter and Geoffrey Rush, so as you can imagine, I just about wet my pants to learn they were doing a movie together, The King’s Speech. (Colin Firth? Who’s he?) It’s a good thing I didn’t know what an amazing performance Bonham-Carter gives as Queen Consort Elizabeth (mother to […]

Two and a Half Men

I’m idly curious as to whether or not there’s a more offensive show on television than Two and a Half Men. (At least on free-too-air Australian TV – but then, we have plenty of our own crap.) It offends many groups – men, women, ex-wives, their new husbands, fathers, mothers, their offspring, oh, and alcoholics. […]

It’s okay to be misogynistic when criticizing a bad movie about women

Maria recently linked to an excellent negative review of Sex and the City 2 which thoroughly takes apart the movie’s offensively ignorant spin on Muslim culture and accurately refers to the four stars as “mock feminists.” But as Melissa Silverstein points out, many reviews of SATC2 have engaged in misogyny to make the same (or […]

Love Actually: Coda

Despite all the good parts, there was something else I noticed about this film. It’s all about romances, yet every one of the females (at least, in a romantic role) was almost stunningly attractive, with the possible exception of Emma Thompson (I think she’s good looking, but they intentionally made her look “dowdier” than she […]

Love Actually: Part 4

David and Natalie: Nice Guy Finishes First Besides the fact that Hugh Grant is hilarious, can we count all the good points about this romance? Handsome, powerful man falls in love with…slightly chubby but very pretty ordinary girl? Hooray! He even says that he doesn’t think she’s chubby (which she’s not…she’s hot). Handsome, powerful man […]

Love Actually: Part 3

Sarah and Karl: Doomed From the Start This is probably one of the saddest storylines in the movie. It’s interesting the way it plays out, because the focus is on Sarah, and her problematic crush on Karl. Karl hardly says anything, and is mainly there to be hot manly eye-candy…and oddly enough, he never makes […]