All She Wants For Christmas Is A Man

I’m actually a pretty big sucker for holiday movies. I have no idea why – the plots are non-existent, the acting is schlocky and the feel-good payoff at the end is already known within the first five minutes. But let’s talk about the women. Women in Christmas movies ultimately find romance and love by the […]

Romance: It’s All About Execution

Yes, I’m still on a romance kick. I’m afraid I’ve been giving the impression that I’m anti-romance, when that’s not true. I’m against forced romance, romance placed in a story simply because someone, somewhere deemed it “necessary” even if it doesn’t fit. There are cases of romance I really quite enjoy. For example, on NCIS, […]

Fidelity Is a Virtue, If It’s OTP

I’m plodding my way through the second season of Alias, after having watched the third and forth seasons initially, and something occurred to me: Michael Vaughn is pathologically incapable of being faithful – emotionally and/or physically. Unless, of course, he’s with Syd; then he epitomises the word. But when he’s not, then he wants to […]

An Affair I’d Rather Forget

Warning, some spoilers for Alias. I’m working my way through the first two seasons of Alias after I caught most of the second two seasons. So far, I’m liking it. I like that Sydney is a physically strong, perfectly capable woman in a predominantly man’s world. I like that she thinks on her feet. I […]

Heather Locklear Can’t Get a Man

Here’s an example of something we’ve been discussing in the forum. Finding the perfect man for Heather Locklear has always been a problem. Her husband and the boys from “Wayne’s World” aside, what man in his right mind would give her a second glance? Come on, show of hands. Let’s see, every American male between […]