Reaction: Supernatural (8×07-9)

I have kind of only been watching Supernatural with half an eye lately. Last week’s made me laugh out loud in spots and there are aspects of the show that have improved since the season opener. Still not fond of how colorful and softly lit Sam’s flashbacks are. Still fond of all the flashbacks, full […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×06)

It seems silly to do a reaction post for Supernatural in the wake of Election Tuesday here in the US, but here we go anyway. You know what? While I get Dean’s perspective about Benny and Purgatory changing him, I have to side with Sam here. It’s like all the things Dean used to harp […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×05)

I enjoyed the episode tonight. I’m still feeling a bit like we’re watching a different show. Not that it’s a bad thing; change is good and going forward is vital for a show as old as Supernatural is. The problem I’m having is that in the past when the show went into certain directions, the […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×04)

Every season has its fillers, and with J2 having put in seven long years and have, y’know, lives outside of Supernatural (gasp), I’d say that they lightened load will become more obvious even outside the negotiated “give the boys a day off” episodes. Going into this one knowing it was what it was made it […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×23)

I meant to say this last week: what is up with Dean’s jacket? He already HAD a leather jacket, and one with character. It was worn and rugged and tough. Yeah, yeah, it was from the old days, before they retconned John completely into Bad Father so Bobby could be Good Father. Harumph. There was […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×22)

Had I been coherent enough to give an actual post on last week’s Fringe episode, I would have mentioned my suspicions about Jessica Holt. She was too calm and cool with the whole “gonna die” thing. I’m generally skeptical of TV people who can remain that calm. Perhaps it happens in real life, but I’d […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×22)

You know, I still hate the Leviathan plot. I still think they’re a tad over the top and silly, but I have to say that the guy playing Dick Roman has that slimeball charm thing down pat. He’s creepy, yet oddly fascinating to watch. Or is it just me? Poor Kevin Tran. Are we really […]