The One Thing I Don’t Like About Firefly and Serenity

Ok, so there are actually a few things I don’t like about Joss Whedon’s sci-fi series Firefly, and the follow-up movie, Serenity. Most of those things, though, are of the “Simon (played by the gorgeous Sean Maher) should totally get more screen time, and also more kissing scenes, OMG!” variety, rather than genuine quibbles over […]

Stargate SG-1: Ripple Effect

Last Friday’s Stargate SG-1 episode proved to me once and for all that the folks behind the franchise don’t see any purpose to Sam Carter beyond her love life’s ability to titillate the audience. In this episode, SG-1 met up with a number of other “SG-1” teams from alternate universes. In these other universes, events […]

Cordelia: Why I Stopped Watching Angel

Recently a friend of mine mentioned that she was watching Buffy and Angel on DVD, and liking Angel better. I remembered that I had quit watching Angel in disgust sometime during the first season, but couldn’t recall exactly why. Then I remembered: they screwed Cordelia up, bigtime. I loved Cordelia on Buffy. She was such […]

Claudia Black on Stargate

Somehow, Stargate SG-1 is not only alive for a ninth season, but kicking ass in the ratings, despite the loss of Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) and the temporary loss of Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter). The producers, who have been suffering from a tragic case of “We assume this will be the last season?” for […]

Gabrielle Got Interesting?

A strange thing happened in the fifth season of Xena Warrior Princess: the secondary lead, Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), was suddenly allowed to develop into an interesting character. For the three seasons, her idealistic notions and occasional egotism caused situations that Xena had to fix, and yet we were constantly told, via Xena’s dialog, that Gabrielle […]

Lovesick Guys

On-screen pining isn’t just for female characters: male characters also fall for females so hard they can barely think straight. So why is it we women generally take more offense when women are shown this way? Example time: how about John Crichton from Farscape? And for an example that’s known to more people, Ross from […]