McLeod’s Daughters: Claire and Peter

I said in my initial article on Mcleod’s Daughters that, while passing the Bechdel test to a point that it often fails to do the reverse, it was never going to be known for its sharp writing or innovative storylines. Working through season two, I stand by that, but one particular storyline has struck me […]

All Saints: Emotional Blackmail is Not Romantic

Ah, dear All Saints. Your final three seasons (10-12) were so full of sloppy, insulting writing that I could single-handedly keep Hathor afloat for a year. And yes, I watched all three of said sloppy, insulting seasons. What can I say, I’m a Wil Traval addict; I also sat through a season of Rescue Special […]

All Saints – Men Can Be Raped, Too

A discussion we had recently about the reluctance of the media to portray men as being the victims of rape reminded me of an All Saints storyline from a few years ago (season 11 – 2007). One of the doctors, Jack (Wil Traval) is revealed to have been sexually abused as a teenager. The storyline […]

All Saints: Use Condoms

There was a lot to gripe about season 10 of All Saints. But my number-one gripe was the storyline with Erica (Ricki), Dan and his Hep C. Dan and Ricki have been best friends for a few years. He contracts Hepatitis C from a needlestick injury, which makes Ricki realize how much she cares about […]

All Saints: The Hard Yards

In the season one episode of All Saints, The Hard Yards, nurse Jarad’s football hero Gazza is admitted, having been stabbed by his girlfriend. Gazza is claiming an unprovoked attack by a jealous, insecure girlfriend; the girlfriend is claiming rape. Devoted fan that he is, Jarad wants to believe Gazza. But in a drug-induced haze, […]

You’ll Never Walk Aone…

There was an episode at the end of s2 of Desperate Housewives, where Susan’s house is burned down by her rival Edie, who has some choice home truths to tell her about her dependence on men to bail her out. So much so, that Susan decides she’s going to decline her boyfriend John’s offer to […]

All Saints: the Beginning

Last year, I griped a lot about just how bad All Saints had gotten in its portrayal of women and women’s issues compared to how it used to be. For Christmas, I got the first and second seasons on DVD. I’m remembering exactly why I loved this show, and why I keep watching it as […]