Another Crappy Love Triangle

The main reason I stopped watching daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful was a love triangle involving Ridge, his wife Brooke and his late-wife-who-wasn’t-actually-dead Taylor. Taylor died, Ridge started seeing Brooke and married her, Taylor reappeared. Who is Ridge married to? Who does he want to be with? We’ll overlook the stupidity of […]

How To Have a Woman Sleeping With Her Boss Without Demeaning Her: Christina and Preston from Grey’s Anatomy

Note: I wrote this mid-s2. I haven’t seen much of s3, but I understand the dynamic changed somewhat in s3. The biggest thing I love about Grey’s Anatomy is the relationship between Christina Yang and Preston Burke. He’s her boss, but they’re equals in the relationship, something as refreshing as it is rare. So, in […]

Janice Steele from ‘Mile High’

1 There was a character on Mile High, Janice Steele, who was the show’s ‘Bitch’ character (you know, the mean woman stereotype that every show has). She wielded her small amount of power as the boss of the airline hosts with ruthlessness and pettiness. She strings along a man almost young enough to be her […]

Even Lesbians Can Do Platonic Love

Season nine of All Saints has got Scarlett seriously depressed, so she’s making herself feel better by watching earlier seasons. And she came across something she can’t believe she missed, even in the days before she become a Hathor-subscribing feminist, it was such an obvious example in how to write a good female-female friendship. Seasons […]

Flying High…

I’ve just watched an episode of Mile High, which is the epitome of tawdry British Soap at its best – or worst. To date, you have Janice, who has stood by Nigel, for better or worse – so to speak – who is beyond definition when it comes to being a self-entitled jerk. He’s cheated […]

Ding, Dong, Marissa is Dead…

“¦ And about bloody time, too. I found Marissa Cooper (Mishca Barton) from The OC to be one of the most vomit-worthy female characters invented. She has a reverse-Oedipus complex (I think it’s called a Cassandra complex) , harbouring an intense hatred for her mother Julie, who isn’t nearly as rotten a human being as […]

Cattle Call #3

See? No Blue Heelers articles for, like, three months. Did I keep my promise or not? A story arc intrigued me because it had a man who had to admit, yeah, his selfishness kinda caused things to pan out the way they did. You have Inspector Russel Falcon-Pryce (FP), who is emotionally neglectful and physically […]