Crappy All Saints Storyline PtII

Eighteen months ago, All Saints aired a storyline where a male doctor, Jack, in his mid-twenties and a lesbian in her mid-thirties get dumped by their girlfriends on the same day, have drunken sex and she falls pregnant. She soul-searches and decides to keep the baby; he can do what he wants about it. He […]

Crappy All Saints Storyline PtI

Writing an actress’s pregnancy into a TV show can be pretty hit and miss. Stargate incorporated Vaitiare Bandera’s (Sha’re) season three pregnancy into an ongoing story arc that helped facilitate a main character’s decision to stay in the SGC as well as provide new material to an ongoing arc. But to have written in Amanda […]

Fishing with Meg

Earlier this week on As the World Turns, a scene between Meg Snyder and Paul Ryan made me smile. Meg and Paul went out on a picnic date out on a lake. Paul surprised her with a fishing pole, recalling hearing that the lake was one of her favorite spots growing up. Just one fishing […]

Reverse Hypocricy

I’ve been following Desperate Housewives, and it occurred to me; there is a completely different set of standards for women cheating than men. What, you ask, it took me two seasons to realise this? Not exactly. The point I’m making is that in DH the men are expected to adhere to a much higher standard […]

Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson… For Perpetuating a Patriarchal Myth

There’s a Desperate Housewives storyline where bored, neglected housewife Gabrielle Solis has an affair with her much younger gardener. From memory, there’s a couple of references to John being only seventeen; last time I checked, the age of consent in the US was eighteen, which makes what Gabrielle is doing a little felony called statutory […]

Um… Another All Saints Piece

I know I said I wouldn’t, but I was so pissed off with the loose-ends-tying of the Deanna Richardson All Saints storyline that I had to write another article about it. To recap: Deanna’s been caught out for the lying, manipulative bitch that she is. She rapidly deteriorated into quite a poor liar and petty […]

The Bad and the Beautiful

I was watching a piece on the news about the twentieth anniversary of The Bold and the Beautiful, with the actors getting together to say what they thought of the show and their characters. Ron Moss, who plays Ridge Forrester, was saying how he hated the way his character kept pursuing Brooke Logan, played by […]