Learning (or Not) From Mistakes

Spoilers for The OC I stopped watching The OC some time ago, but unfortunately I live in a house where two others are rabid fans. It wasn’t that I didn’t love Julie; I did. Nothing slowed that woman for very long. But I could never stand her daughter, Marissa. Marissa is the most self-absorbed female […]

Bringing up Baby

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an article about people – both male and female – who undermine an agreement not to have children without the consent of the other party. There’s a Desperate Housewives storyline which interests me as a gender-role-reversal; in it, youngish couple Gabrielle and Carlos Sollis agreed before they […]

Shoe on the Other Foot

The reason I keep watching Desperate Housewives, apart from Edie Britt, is the fascinating dynamic between husband-and-wife Lynette and Tom Scavo. Lynette is inferred to be the more intelligent, business-minded of the pair, well on her way to becoming the head of her ad firm when she became pregnant, at which point Tom suggests she […]

Moving On Up

I know I said I wouldn’t do another All Saints article after that hurl-worthy Deanna Richardson storyline, but this is regarding a completely different character, so it doesn’t count. Jessica is one of the youngest nurses on the ER ward, but she’s ambitious. She’s been passed over for the position of Nursing Unit Manager (the […]

Good Story Vs Good Characterisations

I realise this article is very blunt in my opinions and I hope it creates some debate over my quite broad painting strokes. A friend of mine is a screenwriter. We studied similar degrees at uni but he is very passionate about being a screenwriter, whereas my journalistic ambitions have always been tempered by serious […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Ifritah recently wrote a piece about La Femme Nikita where a perfectly good female assassin got a crises of conscience and wonders if she should act like more of a soft, caring woman. I was thinking of it as I threw beer bottles at the TV screen while I watched an episode of All Saints […]

Up Shit (Sorry, Dawson’s) Creek

My best friend thinks Katie Holmes/Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek is the hottest woman to ever exist. But that may be because he’s a guy. Is there a woman out there who really thinks Joey is a realistic portrayal of womanhood? She always seemed like the Ultimate Mary Sue for the X-Generation to me. Her […]