Stand By Your Man… So Long as He Stands by You

A while ago I wrote a piece about how I respected Julie Cooper from The OC much more then I did her daughter Marissa. But in the last episode I was paying close attention to Marissa’s best friend, Summer Roberts. Yes, I know it’s a soap opera and the characters are often outrageous and over-the-top, […]

The Bitch Pt II

A while ago, I spoke about admiring the bitches over the nice girls because the bitches always seemed to get back on their feet where the nice girls sat down and cried and waited for a guy to pick them up. I can find no better contrast than the mother-daughter team of Marissa and Julie […]

The Bitch is Back

When I was in my early teens, I loved Melrose Place. Specifically, I loved Amanda Woodward. Amanda was a much cooler character then the other women of Melrose, who were mostly complete nutcases or doormats who sat down and cried and waited for their boyfriends/husbands/fathers to fix things up after something bad had happened, usually […]

Well, at least she’s not pregnant and barefoot…

As the World Turns’ Carly Snyder is the show’s favorite schemer, but when it comes to using her talents for good, the poor girl just can’t get a break from her kids. With three children at home and two unemployed parents, you’d think any way to get income would become top priority. Guess not. I […]