Midweek Media: How to be a Chauvinist Gamer Dude


This bit of hilarity came up in response to the recent discussions about the ridiculous amount of sexual harassment women and girls have to endure if they want to game. For those using text browsers, it’s a flow chart entitled “How to be a Chauvinist Gamer Dude.” The top step is “Deny that female gamers […]

TeamLiquid boyz and “attention whores”

In response to our recent story on Sexual harassment for female players in Starcraft2 thread, reader mOnion commented: I have an incriminating recording of one of the mods from the site saying to a young lady “bitch make me a sandwiche, I’m busy playing starcraft” if you’d like a copy of the .mp3 just followup […]

Sexual harassment for female players in Starcraft2 thread

[ETA: follow-up here. Oh, those sillies.] Reader The Other Patrick sent us this link: http://www.teamliquid.net/blogs/viewblog.php?topic_id=147426 [Ed. Note: which they have since locked so you have to join the forum to read it – 11-3-10] in which a female video gamer asks on a Starcraft2 forum if there are other female gamers interest in starting a […]

“Hey Baby” video game shows us how irrational those women are

At first, when it was reported that a new video game enables you, as the main female character, to shoot men who harass you on the street, I thought “Ha ha, tables turned.” But after a look at this trailer video, I changed my mind: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krvA3VHq5as Basically, you’re looking down a gun barrel and walking […]

RapeLay could help identify budding sociopaths

Trigger warning: there’s a video game called RapeLay. I’ve read a lot of descriptions of it online, and much discussion of whether it should be sold and by whom (do not miss Shakesville on this creepy Amazon backdoor rape search). I’m going to describe the game and then provide a meaningful answer to precisely what’s […]