Ted Cruz polls his own Facebook about Obamacare, finds everyone loves it

Prepare to laugh. Ted Cruz asked on March 24, on his own Facebook page, whether people were better off now with Obamacare. One can only assume he expected the same kind of negative responses that happened during that awkward period when people were struggling to sign up on the screwy website and hadn’t yet experienced the coverage itself. But that’s not what happened. The overwhelming majority of responses Cruz got were “Yes” with stories to back it up.


And so on and so forth. What’s interesting is that Cruz is apparently so off in La La Land that this surprised him. A lot of Americans used to be “uninsurable”, or pay premiums that were higher than their mortgage or rent, or paid huge premiums and still owed so much in co-insurance and copays that one accident or semi-major illness could bankrupt them. Are they better off? Gee. I would think so. Does Cruz just not understand that these people exist? Or is he one of those people who never looks at the price tag of things because he doesn’t have to?

Anecdotal stories I’ve heard from the Los Angeles area:

  • Before ACA: a family with a child who has dwarfism (but is overall healthy) was quoted $1200/month just to cover that child. After ACA: whole family got covered for $800/month.
  • Before ACA: a local hospital had a lot of empty beds. After ACA: they say they can barely keep up with the patients because now all these people who used to do without both insurance and treatment have got insurance.

I’ve criticized ACA myself because I believe it should have been tax-funded rather than a compulsory purchase. I warned that the government’s idea of “what you can afford” would not actually match up with the real lives of actual poor and working class people – but ironically the only problem with that seems to have come from Republican governors who hope to wreck the whole thing by refusing to accept the Medicaid subsidies that would have made it more affordable for people in lower income brackets. But it’s looking more and more like the Republicans are fighting a losing battle, so I expect they will soon give up or lose the right to refuse Medicaid expansion. It would be hard for even this Supreme Court to buy that one’s state has a right to make it incredibly difficult for one to comply with federal law (the mandate to purchase the insurance).

Yes, Senator, even though it’s beyond your comprehension and I’m sure you think it’s some kind of liberal conspiracy involving aliens, Elvis and socialist Europe, people who had no good insurance options at all before ACA are indeed better off having at least one semi-decent choice now. But please, please continue this crusade. It makes it so clear that you just are so awash in your own privilege that you have no idea how less privileged people live. Are you getting PR advice from the people who brought us the 47% comment, or maybe the intriguing concepts about how rape works? Keep it up, Ted, you’re doin’ great.


  1. Red says

    That is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen and I Shared it on Facebook! It’s like watching a cartoon! X)

    How’s Cruz going to spin THIS???

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