Teeth With a Makeover

A recent book I was reading re-introduced me to the folklore of vagina dentata, the notion that women once had – or Sinister Women have now – teeth in their vaginas. A common variant (found in Europe, Africa, and the Americas) being “witches” whose vaginal bite robbed men of their power and virility, and made slaves of them – unless the teeth were broken – of course no one here is going to miss the level of misogyny inherent in the idea of man’s virility being restored by breaking a woman’s teeth.On one level it’s easy to ignore dentata folklore, as he trappings of it are so blatantly ridiculous.

But then I remember how MRA’s love to tell stories bout how women use mere half-promises of access to a vagina to completely rob a man of his reason. Or about how women hunt in bars and clubs for men they then seduce, become pregnant by, and sue for paternity. And in a world where wealth and material trappings are conflated more than ever with virility and masculinity, how different can these stories and dentata stories really be?

Both treat female sex and sexuality as a devouring thing that takes something rightful away from men. Both see danger in a woman who fucks rather than being fucked. Both invoke the spectre of Sinister Women with powers no man can face – where modern stories don’t have magic any more, they speak of genetics, evolutionary psychology, and biased legal systems -nothing but teeth with a makeover.


  1. Lillith says

    Stripping women of sexual of power, men have always been afraid of a woman who is in control of her sexual drives. Who is not afraid to express her sexuality.
    As long as women are sexually subserviant men can control them.

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