The Bad and the Beautiful

I was watching a piece on the news about the twentieth anniversary of The Bold and the Beautiful, with the actors getting together to say what they thought of the show and their characters. Ron Moss, who plays Ridge Forrester, was saying how he hated the way his character kept pursuing Brooke Logan, played by Katherine-Kelly Lang, Basically, Brooke is a man-eater with very few morals when it comes to getting the man she wants. (Already married? Like that ever stopped a person. Father/son/brother-in-law? No problem!) And Ridge is just as bad, pursuing and abandoning countless woman, always returning to Brooke. They’re perfectly suited to each other.

But apparently Ross has a problem with this, calling Brooke a slut who no man would pursue.

Uh, excuse me, if she’s a slut, then what kind of man is Ridge to keep pursuing her, all the while pursuing every other woman in town? Brooke has pursued no more men then Ridge has women – and Ridge has proven no less immoral about pursuing married women or breaking his marriage vows to pursue another woman – and yet Moss feels he’s in a position to be judging Brooke for her promiscuity. It smacked of double-standards to me; a man can sleep around and be a stud, but the women he sleeps around with are sluts.

That’s what I get for watching daytime TV, I suppose.

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