The casting couch

Here’s a snarky article that will give you a pretty good idea what working in Hollywood is really about for a lot of young women (and, I would guess, young men).   It features an ad that appeared on Craig’s list but has since been removed (surprise!):

REAL EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT POSITION I am seeking an Executive Assistant. We are a film finance and production company. We do NOT do porn. We finance and produce mainstream films. I am seeking an assistant that I can take under my wing and train her in every aspect of the film industry. After a year she will be moved to a VP position supporting my own. I am looking for someone ambitious, smart, sexy, strong and discreet. THIS IS AN ACTUAL POSITION! The job carries a salary, bonuses paid quarterly, full medical, paid vacations and some expenses. I am posting in the adult section for a reason, and YOU KNOW WHY!! You must be absolutely secure with that. Please send a resume with a photograph of your self and a short paragraph on how you would make my day easier.

The comments over at Defamer are worth reading. Is the guy a troll or a real executive?   My guess: both.   A man can paint himself an “executive” in Hollywood by getting a business license for $100 and change, and working out of your bathroom.

And the sad thing is, sometimes other men will go out of their way to help him get into the business, and before you know it, he’s running a studio.


  1. scarlett says

    There’s a book called ‘The Casting Couch’ which is a collection of stories from models, actors, singers, agents etc about how cutthroat the industry is and how desperate some people are to get in. It made for depressing reading sometimes, that people were so desperate to be famous and live this glamorous life that the’d have sex with people they should have had the common sense to realise are NOT legitimate paths to success. I couldn’t work out who to be more angry at, the leeches taking advantage of such people, or the people so hungry for fame and fortune that they turn their bullshit radars off.

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