The Estrogen Made Me Do It

Just got home from watching John Tucker Must Die.   (Warning: Spoilers present.)   Basic premise – popular jock cheats on a whole bunch of girls.   Whole bunch of girls want revenge.   An amusing plot, certainly, but with one anecdote I was not at all pleased with.

During a basketball game, one of the girls mixes estrogen pill powder in with John’s muscle mix.   He drinks it all down, and a bit later, begins acting like a stereotypical girl.   “Do these shorts make my thighs look fat?” he queries.   “Why do you have to be so mean!” he  cries out  at  an opposing team player.   Then there’s the being ridiculed by his coach that causes him to begin  sobbing and rush out in a melodramatic huff.  

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what estrogen does to women.   We’re emotional messes that can’t even play a simple game of basketball without getting our feelings hurt.  

But all sarcasm aside, what I got out of this scene was a message that it all comes down to genetics.   Women are run by estrogen, causing them to be sensitive crybabies.   And men are run by testosterone, causing them to be prowling tigers.  


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    Inaccurate science, too. PMS is a 20th century phenomenon, most likely due to the use and poor disposal of hormone altering chemicals we’ve happily dumped in the land and water. Eventually, when men realize this is also the cause of erectile dysfunction, men in power will suddenly give a crap and do something about it.

    And there is nothing about estrogen that would cause anyone to worry if they look fat. The cause of girls wondering if they look fat is not hormones, but men like Calvin Klein, who want everyone on earth to look like a teenage boy for reasons I will leave to your speculation. Before that, at no time in history has anyone set a beauty standard for women to look like little boys.

    I always come away from movies about one man cheating on several girls feeling they’re implying the women are stupid. In truth, women cheat about as often as men, but how often do you see a movie about 3-5 guys who were dumb enough to fall for her, and obsessed enough to seek revenge?

  2. sbg says

    Ah, yes, what better way to go for funny than to use women as a stereotype? Hilarious.

    Especially since I highly doubt one large dose of estrogen would have such an immediate effect…

  3. sbg says

    You’ve just described one of the main reasons I won’t use birth control by pill, patch, shot or however else they’ve come up with. I don’t disagree with its purpose. I just cannot see how altering my body chemistry and ultimately the body chemistry of other creatures (fish, for example) by dumping it back into the earth and sea is a good thing. It rather creeps me out, to be honest.

  4. scarlett says

    I assume you’re talking about something of similar concentration to the birth contril pill? Yeah, I seriously doubt consuming even the equivilant a month’s supply in one hit would do much. And besides, acting ‘girly’ isn’t a side-effect off too much estrogen; from memory, it’s minor bloating, short temperedness, feeling a little whached out.

  5. Ifritah says

    Yes, I did find it odd that they gave the stereotypical symptoms of PMS as what estrogen causes. It was very clear the writers didn’t do their homework on the topic of hormonal therapy. In fact, as someone who studies sexology, I was quite horrified on that alone.

    I completely agree with you on the causes for why girls and women care so much about their body image. Estrogen’s been around since, well, forever. It was there back when women were found attractive to have meat on their bones.

    As for the men cheating on many women factor, I will also agree that that is far more often the case than the latter. One such reversal comes to mind (Whipped), but that’s all I can really come up with off the top of my head.

  6. Ifritah says

    I certainly cannot attempt to disuade you of that opinion if that is your reason for being wary. However, if at any time you’re interested in learning a bit more about different hormonal birth control methods, please feel free to ask.

    I would like to mention that hormonal therapy is very different than hormonal birth control, however.

  7. Ifritah says

    One really big issue I had (aside from, yes, using stereotypes of women as comedy) was that estrogen does not do that. Hormonal therapy is used for women who do not have enough estrogen and so this makes up for it. However, just because a man’s estrogen is not depleted at an irregular level would not change his personality to that of a woman’s.

    I may not have the doctoral knowledge to know what the extent of one dose of estrogen would do to a man, but I highly doubt it would do much of anything. Prolonged use? Perhaps, but that would be more physical than psychological, I would surmise.

  8. Ifritah says

    Hormonal therapy is similar to the birth control pill in the fact that estrogen and progestin are both present, yes. The big difference is the fact that women taking the supplement have had a full hysterectomy or are in menopause. (Those with a significant loss of estrogen production.)

    But yes, you’re right, one dose (even a large one) would very unlikely cause any reaction. It certainly wouldn’t cause the stereotypical symptoms of PMS.

  9. sbg says

    Well, right now I’m using the only absolute birth control and don’t think I’ll be needing any other kind anytime soon. Heh.

  10. Jennifer Kesler says

    I was just thinking about this. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t do much of anything. I’m no expert, but I did have a pretty severe case of too much estrogen when I was younger, and I never behaved like the boy in the movie.

    I wonder why the writers didn’t have the girls give him Depo-Provera, the progestin BC shot that’s used for chemical castration in males? One high dose works for a month. That would seem to serve the story AND make medical sense.

  11. Ifritah says

    Ah, reducing testosterone instead of upping estrogen for their purposes. *Nod* That would’ve helped me go along with that storyline much more. The only problem I see with that is how the girls A) got their hands on it and B) how they were able to administer it to him.

    But, hey, considering all the resources these girls came up with during the movie, I could’ve seen them finding a way.

  12. Ifritah says

    The cheerleader’s mom had hormonal therapy pills for replacing her estrogen. She stole them so she’d “have a smoother face and bigger boobs”. Or something along those lines.

    Then they mixed up the pills and put the powder in John’s yay for muscles! mix.

  13. Jennifer Kesler says

    Smoother face and bigger boobs? Wow, more stereotyping!

    I’ve heard some people actually take medication for something called conditions.

  14. sbg says

    What? You’re going to try telling me that wrinkles aren’t a condition to be remedied?! Come on.



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