The Last Few Weeks on Chuck – Predators, etc.

Spoilers for recent episodes of Chuck below!

I don’t really have a lot I want to say about “Chuck vs. The Predator.” I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. Casey’s many non-verbal noises always crack me up, and it was cool to see General Beckman actually in the same room with Team Bartowski. The goofy Buy More rivalry plot was fun. I’m interested to see what happens next with Orion (I will be really, really, really surprised if he’s actually dead).

But, really, the episode didn’t have a lot of substance for discussion. But that’s okay! Because I’m totally behind on these weekly discussion posts, and I have something to talk about saved up!

A few weeks ago, I said something to Jennifer about how I find the creepy stalker behavior that goes on in Chuck less, well, creepy than in other shows, because the show as a whole is so over-the-top. What I meant by that is that because Chuck is this sort of gleeful exercise in unreality, when Jeff and Lester and Morgan do ridiculously creepy things, it’s not against a backdrop that makes it seem normal or okay. Jeff stalks Anna. That is undeniably gross. He also eats a urinal cake at one point. The stalking, instead of being something the audience is meant to sympathize with (awww, if only she could see how much he looooves her!) is one more thing about Jeff that is totally absurd and disgusting.

It’s a finer line with Morgan. He fairly often does something really uncool and then gets rewarded by the narrative. It’s pretty clear that we’re supposed to see him as that loveable, goofy guy who just can’t grow up, when he’s really more of an annoying, immature guy who just won’t… Well, you get the idea. But other times, he gets called on his stupid by Chuck, or Anna, or Ellie or whoever. I’d like to see the show go there more often, but that it happens at all is actually kind of progressive in comparison to a lot of things on TV (which: how sad is that? Yuck).

So, anyway, that’s how I felt right up until the “hah hah! Jeff and Lester are totally abusing an apparent position of authority to lech at women whom they’ve lured into the Buy More under false pretenses! Wacky fun!” storyline in “Chuck vs. The Beefcake.”

I mean, what? Was there any part of that subplot that was funny? Well, I did find the women’s reactions to the harassment moderately entertaining, particularly the one who smacked Lester down by revealing that she has a business degree from Harvard. But a couple of well-delivered lines so totally did not make up for the skin-crawling discomfort that rolled off that subplot in waves. Ew, ew, ew.

That episode generally was pretty much full of fail, from my perspective (I don’t find jealous Chuck and near-naked Sarah interesting at all, surprisingly!). I keep watching because I like the premise, I really enjoy the actors, and the show does do some things super-well, more often than not. But I dunno if I still think that Chuck is doing okay on the creepy dude front.

What are your thoughts? And what else do you want to discuss about the recent episodes of Chuck?

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