The Superbowl

I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but I’m going to review it anyway, because I have it on good authority that professional critics don’t actually watch everything they review.

As usual, the presentation of women as sex object cheerleader types totally failed to detract from the overwhelming and somewhat embarrassing homoerotic tension of an American professional football game. All those men in satiny tights, making passes at each other between their legs, tackling each other en masse just to grab a ball, and congratulating each other with ass-slappings. It’s kind of sad how much it explains about American society, that we think of football as a heterosexual manly man kind of sport.

Janet Jackson’s breasts were invited to appear, but talks broke down when they asked for more money.


  1. Gategrrl says

    Darn it, if I’d realized what a homoerotic show football was, I might have *watched* it. Not. Nope. But if someone cut it down to the clips with all the ass-slapping and tackles and stuff you mentioned, sure. I’d watch THAT!

  2. Gategrrl says

    a quick comment about the format of the page — when you get to the page, the articles are always halfway down – and if you don’t know they’re scrolled down, you’d think there was no article.

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