They blame feminists for everything

By now you’ve heard that you’re “not allowed” to say “ho ho ho” anymore because Teh Evil Feministz have heartlessly taken that phrase away from your beloved Christmas culture with much pretense of being mortally wounded by it. I’ve been telling people feminists absolutely aren’t behind it, and my bet is on conservatives putting words in our mouths to give us some negative spin in the press.

Turns out I wasn’t that far off. reports that the whole thing originated with a recruitment company was teaching Santas to use “ha ha ha” because sometimes a booming “ho ho ho” scares kids. Then – who else? – the American media jumped all over it as evidence the PC Police and Feminazis were on a rampage.

Let me explain very clearly why it would be beyond stupid for a feminist to care if Santa’s traditional yell is “ho ho ho”: because “ho ho ho” predates “ho” as a slang for “whore”. It would be like campaigning against people calling female dogs “bitches” because “bitch” can be a hurtful and offensive term toward women. Killing the original, intended usage of the word does nothing to curb its use as a hurtful slang.

Via TroubleInChina.


  1. MaggieCat says

    It’s not the “Ho ho ho” that scares kids, it’s the fact that he’s someone who knows when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake, and knows how to get in and out of your house without making a sound. [/childhood phobia]

    This may actually be the stupidest thing I’ve heard this year. Way to make it in just under the deadline there, people.


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