Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This was a trainwreck of a  movie. Basically, it’s a bit after the end of the first Transformers. Sam is now getting ready for college. His girlfriend Mikaela is staying home, and they’re going to be long distance. Sam finds a chunk of the All Spark in his stuff and starts having visions. He’s also tempted by a sexy, agressive co-ed who is a robot in disguise.* I’m not exactly sure what happens next — it involves robots, explosions, and a very thin plot — but I can safely say criticism of the racialization of Mudflap and Skids, two illiterate jive-talking Autobots, is on-point. While they’re not the only robots who can’t read the language of the ancients, they are still very Stepin Fetchit.

Megan Fox uses a baby voice the entire film. The plot reads like a love letter to the military, needling the president for cutting military funding and attempting to >gasp!< criticize the military’s agenda regarding its engagement of an unknown, underdefined enemy. It’s this last I find especially troubling. In this particular political moment, plots suggesting that the military should be able to go rogue, and that attempts to engage in diplomacy are dangerous and short-sighted, are very scary. Plus, considering the amount of military equipment they used in the filming, and the DOD’s right to approve plots involving such equipment, I question how unbiased and “for fun” this film actually is.

At least the special effects were pretty. It’s a fun trainwreck.

*Warning: Sexy, aggressive women are ALWAYS treacherous.


  1. sbg says

    I was going to go to it only to see how blatantly American they could make the attack on the world. Seriously, I only saw the first one this past Christmas and not by choice – I about laughed my head off at the American patriotic rhetoric a giant alien space robot was spouting toward the end of the movie.

    But judging from this review, I shouldn’t even bother.

  2. Robin says

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. The Decepticons have developed Cylons and/or Terminators?!?!! I’m definitely not spending my hard-earned money on it then. One of the things that I’ve always liked best about Transformers was that the giant f**king robots looked like giant f**king robots. Sure, they turned into cars and trucks and sometimes animals, but even the animals forms looked like robot animals. Giving them believably human forms kind of defeats the purpose, to my mind.

    Also, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about Megan Fox. Okay, so she fits Hollywood’s current definition of pretty, but I don’t find her acting at all impressive. Then again, I don’t watch The CW nearly as much as I used to…

  3. says

    I’d also like to point out a difference in the short promo ads cut for the theater:

    Before a showing for Star Trek, a promo for Transformers 2 was shown: the first clip showed the female lead leaning on a motorcycle, in jean shorts so highly cut that it was almost all exposed in a cheesecake porn pose. It looked like she was about to have sex with the motorcycle.

    Before a showing of Up, before the matinee show, the promo of Tran2 showed *almost* the same clip (the female lead sexing it up with a motorcycle) only this time, the shot started as she was getting off of the motorcycle.

    Pretty blatant stuff.

  4. The OTHER Maria says

    Robin — I have *no idea* why folks are all obsessed with Megan Fox. She can’t actually act! Also — the decepticons seem to only have human-mimicking abilities when it comes to women… it was really odd.

    BlackSexxology — V. welcome for the pingback. I don’t agree with your point tho, since why would the transformers pick a race to mimic in the first place? And if that WAS something they were doing, wouldn’t the other transformers be coded onto other cultural archetypes that were equally as problematic??

  5. Fraser says

    Since when have people needed any reason to obsess over an actor beyond hotness? Not that this is a good thing, but it’s hardly a surprise.

    Going slightly geeky now: There was a branch of the Transformers known as the Junkions that derived their dialogue and mannerisms from studying Earth TV broadcasts, which could explain Mudflap and Skids … except that the Junkions simply spouted phrases (and not particularly street slang), they didn’t go into this kind of mimicry. So I guess I’ve just argued myself out of a point.

    Since several of my fellow Transformers ‘toon fans have thumbed down the movie, I’m not bothering with it.

  6. The OTHER Maria says

    Hi Fraser! My problem with Fox is that she’s such a bad actress she’s actually distracting. Like seriously? A BABY VOICE? In an ACTION MOVIE? Directorial decisions like that suggest she’s just there to be window dressing.

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