Victim No More – Criminal Minds/One Tree Hill

I’m very bad at channel surfing when I’m watching programs that I’m not totally fannish about. Last Wednesday, I kept flipping between Criminal Minds (CM) and One Tree Hill (OTH).

I’d wanted to watch OTH because it looked like more fodder about damsels in distress that I could write about here. I’d seen previews while watching the few guilty pleasure shows I watch on The CW.

CM also had a deliciously overused storyline going for it – hunters whose prey is human. That’s been done and done and done, and yet I thought it might be interesting to watch them deal with it from a behavioural analysis standpoint. Plus, CM has one Ms. Penelope Garcia and I worship at her feet.

Anyway, CM started out with a bang. The three women on the team were out at a bar, sharing a drink or two. JJ and Garcia sat at a table waiting for Prentiss to bring their round of brews; Prentiss was held up by a guy trying to pick her up. She eventually made her way over to the table, where she introduced the guy and feigned being impressed because he’d used the “I’m an FBI agent” line on her. JJ and Garcia also acted very impressed, and the guy was seriously having his ego stroked. And then they asked to see his badge. Obviously, he couldn’t deliver, so they all three whipped out theirs…to which he said nothing, only looked embarrassed and walked away. Tee hee! Go women!

(flipped channels)

Over on OTH, Peyton has been tied up and is being taunted by her crazed stalker. Yes, I deemed that classic damsel time.

(flipped back)

The meat of the CM case has been revealed – multiple people, men and women without bias, have died in the woods of a national park in Idaho…blah, blah…the team figures out the victims have been hunted, etc. Cue another victim being snatched, grabbed and then released for the hunt. The victim is a young woman, and she ran like the wind, faster than her hunters estimated. She ran into four campers, who were unfortunately now in the way. Two are killed right away. Two make it with her…for a while.

(flipped channels again)

Peyton’s got company. Brooke has somehow also been captured and tied up. There was a bit of bickering between the two women (apparently they used to be friends and now they’re not). Crazed stalker told Peyton he was going to kill Brooke for her, because he knew how much she hated Brooke. Peyton saw an opportunity, convinced the moron that she did hate Brooke and wanted to kill her herself. Moron crazed stalker said, “Duh, yup, okay.” and let her loose. She proceeded to stab him (but not fatally), and then tried untying Brooke. Moron crazed stalker revived and went after Peyton. She ran. There was a melodramatic hunt scene…and then Peyton zapped the crap out of the guy, thereby getting the upper hand. She then proceeded to beat the stuffing out of him for a while, until he regained control. Enter Brooke. Together, Peyton and Brooke subdued (aka beat the ever-loving crap out of) the moron crazed stalker. Go women!

(flipped back)

Dude who was with the latest victim got an arrow in the chest. There are only two women left, against two guys with crossbows. The camper woman wanted to run, the snatched woman said that was exactly what the hunters wanted. She devised a new plan. A trap. And it worked. She and the camper woman hid until the hunting brothers (who are very young and have apparently been very isolated their whole lives, in the custody of a whackadoo uncle who started the whole hunting humans thing) were underfoot. The camper woman broke cover and got herself shot. The older brother went off to check on her alone, leaving the younger, less sure brother. The original hunted woman lunged at the younger brother and stabbed him several times. Then she ran again. She almost got caught. The hunter had her in his sights, but just in time the FBI showed up and the hunter ended up dead.

I never went back to OTH, so I don’t know how that one ended up.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m overjoyed that women succeeded in kicking the crap out of men. (In both cases, it was warranted – kill or be killed.) What really made me happy was that the women, while starting out as victims, refused to let themselves end up as victims. They did everything in their power to fight, fight, fight, to show how strong they really were…and they made it.


  1. SunlessNick says

    I don’t want it to seem like I’m overjoyed that women succeeded in kicking the crap out of men.

    But it’s something we could stand to see some more of. One thing that stood out in the One Tree Hill synopsis was that the two women, despite not being friends, cooperated – soemthing that’s almost as rare in fictional women as kicking the crap out of men.

  2. says

    I too flip on Wednesdays (there seems to be nothing good one) and caught the end of OTH. The girls kick the crap out of their assailant and then bloodied and beaten go on to the prom where the brunette one wins Prom Queen. At first I was like “Huh, was to reinforece values, all that is important is winning the crown” but the more I thought about it the more I was like why shouldn’t life just go on? Why should they, even though they triumphed over “evil,” sit and cry about it? In the end I decided it was quite a powerful moment.

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