Vonage uses normal sized woman in commercial! GASP

It’s absolutely pathetic that I find myself delivering kudos to a company just for using a female model who looks to be a normal healthy sort of slim rather than starved. But that’s what they’ve done in this commercial , and the sad fact that it happens so rarely makes it worth mentioning.


  1. Liz says

    hi jennifer,

    i know it’s been a long time since your post, but i wanted you to know that as the “female model” you mentioned, i should point out that i am no such thing. i am (and at the time was) 5″1 and 125 pounds. i think its very important to do what you have done and call out the abuse of image in the entertainment industry, which is why i wanted to call attention to my very very NORMAL (as you stated) appearance. it’s extremely difficult to not succumb to this industry’s demands and still feel like you have a chance at a career in tv and film. so thank you for calling attention to it, and please know – i am fighting the good fight, too. we do not have to be 5″7 and weigh 105 pounds to be or feel beautiful, and we need no one to tell us otherwise.

    all the best with your writing,

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