We Can Be Heroes

I love Greg Grunberg. I think he’s gorgeous. I sat through that Sydney-Vaughan ship tripe for him. I would watch him reading out the White Pages. I wait in eager anticipation for the Australian premier of a show I wasn’t otherwise interested in – “Heroes” – because he’s in it.

(Yes, to answer you questions, we really do get shows that late sometimes.)

I’ve been thinking in the last few days how many other women there are who would follow a particular actor through whatever they were in because, well, they were in it. Personally, I know of several woman who would do it. No matter what Mr. Advertising Man says, I think women are just as capable of making their TV-watching decisions based on who they think is hot as men are.

So why isn’t Mr. Advertising Man listening? I seem to recall a quote from Gone With the Wind about those who refuse to change with changing times, breaking instead”¦

In the meantime, I think I hear an add for Heroes.


  1. S. A. Bonasi says

    Heh. I checked out 24 because I heard that Alexander Siddig was gonna be on it. But while he is certainly pretty to look at, he’s also a fine actor.

    And this might be a different issue, but t.v. shows geared towards men don’t have female leads. They have male leads and female eye candy.

    Speaking personally, I may enjoy fanservice, but I also like having some characters that I can identify with. Like Juliet from Lost. Yeah, Elizabeth Mitchell is yummy, but what I really love is having a female character who’s central in a plotline that’s about politics and an assassination attempt.

  2. says

    Geez Louise, I was wondering why you Hathor writers never covered Heroes!


    Anyway, you’re going to be HIGHLY disappointed when the absolute best female character of the whole series only lasts one episode before getting so thoroughly killed that there’s no way they can write her back in. :-(

  3. Gategrrl says

    Do you mean Simone, the Girlfriend?

    I’m one of those fans who cheered when they killed her off. She had no storyline of her own, other than to be a source of contention between two of the guys on the show. She had little personality. Her sole reason to exist on the show was to be an uninteresting Love Interest.

    So, I’m glad she’s gone.

  4. scarlett says

    Well I’m up to the ep where they have the flashback ep (haven’t seen it yet – it’s on tape.) Are you talking about Nicki? Man, I was so disappointed about her, I have an article half-written in my head. And don’t get me started about Claire…

  5. Gategrrl says

    Oh, no no, I *misread* Katie’s post. She meant a one-shot character in an episode where Mohinder, the scientist, is searching for superpowered people to “help” them. But the woman he finds, and older woman who is a mechanic, is just fine with the way she is.

    Of course, Mohinder doesn’t quite realize yet that he has a superpowered serial killer of other superpowered (and regular) people hanging out with him, and going on the search with him. Duh.

    I agree with Katie – the mechanic was a WONDERFUL character. The actress who played her was great. I wish they hadn’t killed her off. She was probably more interesting than Nikki and definitely more interesting than Simone, she who is/was the Girlfriend.

  6. sbg says

    Anyway, you’re going to be HIGHLY disappointed when the absolute best female character of the whole series only lasts one episode before getting so thoroughly killed that there’s no way they can write her back in.

    Word. I was irritated about that, if it’s who I think you’re talking about.

    (And I did write a quickie post about Heroes at one point, but it wasn’t very in depth. It was early on in the season.)

  7. thisisendless says

    I agree, I would have really liked to have seen more of the mechanic character and was very disappointed when she got killed.

  8. MaggieCat says

    *sigh* I loved Dale. I was hoping (even though it was obvious where that was going, given the circumstances) that they’d decide to keep that character. Although part of that was because I love Rusty Schwimmer, who’s one of those actresses who’s been in everything and is always awesome.

    However I still think that when they get around to integrating Niki and Jessica there’s potential there, and I’m very fond of Claire and Mama Petrelli.

  9. scarlett says

    I’ve read all the spoilers, just only seen up to the ‘Six Months Ago’ ep. I’m not fussed with Nicki/Jessica (J’s the better character, though) and Claire – I wish she’d be more proactive with her powers. Mama Patrelli – there’s an interesting one…

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