What I LIKE About Grey’s Anatomy…

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I REALLY hated the titular character of Grey’s Anatomy and they shipping that went along with it. I should add, though, that the show has a lot of characters I really like, which gives the show a lot of potential, if only they’d give up on Meredith Grey and that horrible, philandering ship.

Firstly, we have my favourite character, Christina Yang. Christina is equally intelligent and ambitious, as well as pragmatic and cynical. She’s an atheist, and has no tolerance for people who push their faith into her face. Her pragmatism and faith in science often win the day over sentimentality.

SBG wrote an article which mentioned Christina’s habit of running to her boyfriend (she’s an intern; he’s an attending, her boss) whenever she’s in trouble and needs a bail-out/supporter. SBG saw this as a woman running to her boyfriend for help at the first sign of trouble, but I saw it as a person who uses every contact they have to get themselves out of trouble. Burke is Christina’s first committed relationship – she’s always lived on flings and one-night stands, and has no clue how to approach such a relationship. I saw her running to Burke as a complete lack of understanding as to how the “˜rules’ of a relationship work, having never had one before, rather then a woman who relies on her man to bail her out.

Then we have Miranda Bailey. Bailey is a tyrant, driving her interns hard, and getting results. When she becomes pregnant, she is shown as being very much in command of the situation. Sometimes she gets cravings for the oddest things and “˜talks’ to her baby, but then she goes back to being professional and no-nonsense. Having seen so many TV pregnancies take the road of now-I’m-pregnant-I’ll-turn-into-a-hormonal-wreck, having Bailey be at times hormonal, but mostly highly competent was insanely refreshing.

Third, Addison Sheppard. The shippers like to paint Addison as a cheating slut, but I saw a competent doctor, caring friend and wife who had made mistakes and was trying her hardest to fix them. I’m not too keen on how much she grovels for her husband’s forgiveness – especially in light of the fact that she had an affair, but he embarked on a full-on romantic relationship – but each to their own.

Lastly, we have Isabel Stevens. Isabel kind of sits of the fence for me. She gets easily attached to her patients. But she learns from her mistakes (which, IMHO, is more then can be said for Meredith) and is eager to get ahead. She and Yang often appear as foils for each other, the pragmatic and the sentimental, proving that neither is a great trait to have in absolute.

As I said, GA has a lot of potential. It’s four secondary-females are strong, intelligent, ambitious, loyal, flawed. If they can just apply those same traits to Meredith Grey, we’ll be in business”¦

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