WHAT THE, uh, HELL Did They do to Boston Legal?

Just watched the s2 season finale of Boston Legal, and all I can say is.

WTF did they do to my show?

Now, Boston Legal was always kind of a look-at-me kind of show. But they always had this fantastic underlying feel that entitlement had come to bite these beneficiaries of the patriarchy on the ass. I won’t go into it again, but the men on this show were always shown to be almost as much victims as beneficiaries of the patriarchy. And the women were shown as those who had hustled themselves to the top and were secure in themselves – far more so that Shatner (Denny) and co were.

Until the last two episodes. Which open for the audience to see two women in a supposed prestigious law firm involved in a hair-pulling, crotch-kicking all-out fight, on account that Alan (Spader) had slept with both of them.

Yeah, right. In real life, both of them would have realised Alan wasn’t worth anything compared to their careers, and kept their peace. This little slap-fest was nothing more then a male fantasy: I’m so hot, women fight over me in lobbies”¦

Alan makes a joke about being “˜in heat’, and Denny later joins in. Let’s us in-heat males go to Las Angeles to troll for women”¦

In another storyline, new lawyer Marlene joins the crew. She immediately enjoys the animosity of Denise, who feels her position of would-be partner is threatened. When Marlene shows a willingness to undermine Denise, Denise takes matters into her own hands, with disastrous consequences. She is caught out being unprofessional and infantile.

But, just in the nick of time as Denise is leaving the firm in disgrace, her obscenely rich ex-boyfriend, last seen slinking away to Switzerland to die, returns in full health. And proposes. Take THAT Marlene – you’ll have to work for those milllions”¦ ‘Coz, you know, God forbid Denise might actually have to face up to the fact she was unprofessional and infantile, no, she just sails off into the sunset with her obscenely rich fiancee.

I was so disappointed I almost cried. I’ve seen bad stereotypes like this before – men running around sleeping with anything in a skirt, women being mean and spiteful in their ambition, women being protected from failure by rich men – but what I loved about BL was that the consequence for such men was that they ended up alone, and that for women, there is rarely a (rich) knight in shining armour to ride them off into the sunset. They have to fix up their own mistakes.

I only hope this was someone’s idea of a sweeps bonanza and not the way of the BL future.


  1. Graculus says

    That was definitely the low point of the season, and I felt season 3 was much better in many ways than that, particularly in a couple of episodes with Alan where (in a new relationship) he gets cast into some supposedly-traditional female mindsets.

  2. scarlett says

    You mean when he gets back with Sally and complains that he feels like a woman because she leaves or falls asleep immediately after? Yeah, that was kind of amusing. Also, Brad and Jeffry constantly fighting over who’s dog dog when it comes to the office’s women :p

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