Whoever owns the LiveJournal feed, please update

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I have no control over the LiveJournal feed for this site. LJ allows anyone to set up a feed to anyone’s site, and then there’s no way for the actual site owner to update the feed settings. Whoever set it up – assuming they even read the site anymore – controls the settings. A very stupid way to do things, IMHO, but there it is.

If the person who owns that feed is reading, please update to the new URL mentioned in my last post.


  1. msilfan says

    Actually, the person who sets up a feed at LiveJournal has no control over anything about it after that. They can’t change the name, URL, excerpt length, delete the feed, or do absolutely any thing else. Only the LiveJournal support staff can change feeds.

  2. says

    Whoever set it up – assuming they even read the site anymore – controls the settings.

    This is untrue, LJ controls the settings and it can be changed via a support request, any site owner can ask for settings to be changed, as can any LJ user. I still have an account there, so will put in for a change, even though I use Dreamwidth these days (where a similar thing needs doing).

  3. says


    Huh, that’s what LJ support told me years ago when I first changed it to FB. But that was under different owners, I guess. Thanks for putting in the support request! And I thought there WAS a DW feed? I see hits from

    Meredith, Great!

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