Why Can’t Diane Keaton Find Better Roles?

Found this article on Slate which I thought was interesting – basically looking at Hollywood’s refusal to address the growing number of older women/younger men relationships, despite a long tradition of the reverse, or even to acknowledge that women over forty can be and are intelligent, motivated, fun-loved human beings. To quote the summary:

 Hollywood is still grappling with the fact that American women now outlive their fertility (and often, their men) by 30 years or more. In this shameful last act of their lives, actresses are allowed to be mothers (especially of the meddling, empty-nest sort Keaton embodies here) or wise and twinkling grandmothers (witness the recent career of the great Gena Rowlands). They can also cautiously get their grooves back with younger men before settling down with Rev. Camden or Randle McMurphy. What they don’t seem to have the space to do is to grow into people like the real-life Diane Keaton: smart, curious, independent women you would actually want to know.

I think that sums it up perfectly!

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