WisCon: Why I Am Not Reading the Internets This Weekend!

Hello, internets!  I am at WisCon, the feminist sf convention.  I will be attempting (hopefully with success this year) to write up panel reports for all of the awesome programming I attend for the various blogs here at Hathor, and I’ll also be sitting on several panels myself.  Here’s a preview of what I’m planning on right now (subject to change, no doubt):

  • Toys: The Other Childhood Fixation We Didn’t Leave Behind (I’m a panelist for this one)
  • Not Enough Octopuses (best. panel title. ever.)
  • Women Writing Speculative Poetry (I’m the moderator)
  • Balancing Creativity and the Day Job
  • Two Heads With But a Single Brain (about co-writing.  Karen Healey from girl-wonder.org and I will be attending together)
  • Historical Research for Fiction Writers
  • Curses! YA Villains Unite
  • The Slayer’s Legacy (about Buffy’s effect on SF TV and fandom)
  • Cliche or Trope?
  • Can Internet Drama Change the World?
  • Roleplaying: Gender and Heroism
  • The Eclipse One Cover Debate (I think I am a last-minute-addition panelist here)
  • Violence, Destruction, Degradation and Catharsis (panelist)
  • Gender in Virtual Worlds (panelist)

I’ll also be at the Capes and Consoles party tomorrow night, which Cerise Magazine and girl-wonder.org are co-hosting.  Should be awesome!


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